Coghill Beery International is a cross-cultural consultancy focusing on global leadership development. We work with our clients to grow their capacity to lead international organizations and build trust and rapport with colleagues and clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Coghill and Beery will celebrate 20 years of leadership in the intercultural industry in 2012. We have worked with some of the leading consultancy, pharmaceutical, automotive, banking, and energy companies in the world supporting them with global leadership and talent development.

    We bring industry knowledge to our clients, strengthening what they do well and enhancing their resources and capabilities already in place to greater advantage.

    Coaching & Training Programmes

    We work at the Individual level coaching people living, working and adapting to new cultural environments.

    We work at a Team level on multi-cultural team communications and cultural integration in newly merged/acquired teams.

    We work at an Organizational level conducting cultural competency audits and building cultural diversity.

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    Client Results

    Coghill Beery helps our clients build trust with colleagues and clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

    Employees benefit from improved capability to communicate, build relationships and lead effectively in new cultures.

    Organizations benefit from improved employee motivation, productivity and performance.

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    Tap the Benefits of Your Diverse Workforce

    Since 1992 we've guided companies and organizations through their cultural transitions and leadership challenges. See how we can help you.

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    Why Coghill Beery?

    • 18 years of intercultural leadership
    • Programmes for outsourcing, mergers, team dynamics
    • Full suite of crosscultural training tools
    • Highly experienced team of professionals
    • Teaching tomorrow's leaders

    Client Results

    "You were able to keep everyone focused and interested after a long day. The good mix of discussion and exercises kept the energy level up and discussion progressing very well."

    - Pasi Polonen

    Client Results

    "What I appreciated most of in the 360° Feedback was the opportunity to spend time with colleagues to hear what they think about my performance and me as an individual - areas for improvement but also the strengths that they value in me."

    - Petya Dombalova

    Client Results

    "The effectiveness of the CBI approach is based on the integrated application of innovative online methods and topic-oriented, onsite, individual and group training sessions.

    As a whole, C&B is a company whose efforts may save a lot of yours."

    - Oleg
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